For a city we can all call home.

Everyone in Wellington should have a chance to live in a home that is affordable, accessible, healthy and warm. We’re asking Wellington City Councillors to pass a sensible District Plan in March 2024 so all generations can share the city we love.

Our vision

We want a city built for people, with thriving communities, where it’s easy to get around and everyone can live close to where they work, study, and socialise. We want affordable, well-designed homes and buildings, high quality green spaces, and easy access to more equitable, low-carbon transport options. 

Decades of inaction have meant house prices are out of control, while old rental properties are rotting out from underneath us. A whole generation of people are being forced out from the city spending hours every day in traffic jams, or moving away entirely.

The new District Plan is an opportunity for change. Our city is growing and we want to welcome new neighbours. We need our city councillors to change the rules and make it easier to build more homes in the existing suburbs where people want to live.

Our vision

Who are we? 

We are a non-partisan coalition of individuals and organisations — including Generation Zero, Renters United, Women in Urbanism, Parents for Climate Aotearoa, the Sustainability Trust, and Cycle Wellington — working together to advocate for change. 

In 2021, we successfully advocated for an ambitious Spatial Plan for Wellington that would enable our city to build more homes. But the Spatial Plan isn’t a legally-binding document, it’s just the blue print that sets high-level direction for the District Plan - the actual rulebook. We need to make sure that councillors uphold the ambition of the Spatial Plan when they vote on the new District Plan in March 2024.

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Art by Erin Daily.

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We are a coalition of people and organisations working together to advocate for change. We want Wellington to be a city for people.


We are a coalition of individuals and organisations working together to advocate for change. We want Wellington to be a city for people.